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Fields of activity

Nowadays, experienced detectives are assistants in the gathering of evidence, without whom many conflicts and problems would be almost impossible to resolve within our legal system. That applies in particular to the field of civil law, where according to the so-called “coordination principle”, the opposing parties stand eye to eye and no official bodies conduct investigations for either of the parties.

It is not usually sufficient simply for a lawyer to bring legal action by filing a statement of claim. The chances of success improve strongly if the accusations and legal complaints are presented in a substantiated manner. To enable this to happen, there is a need for private investigations conducted by competent investigators with the ability to act quickly, flexibly and professionally.

Also in the fields of criminal prosecution and hazard prevention, which are essentially the preserve of the state, private investigators are playing an increasingly important role. The excessive workload on the official bodies, paired with frequently outdated technical resources and a wide variety of structural problems, combine to diminish the ability of the public authorities to function properly.

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