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Deutsche Akademie für Ermittlungsdienste GmbH

In Germany, the profession of private investigator is not subject to any particular government regulation. To assure the quality of the investigation services and develop them further, DETEK AG has founded the “Deutsche Akademie für Ermittlungsdienste” - the German Academy for Investigation Services.

The Deutsche Akademie für Ermittlungsdienste is located in Hannover and specializes in the provision of soundly based training for private and business investigators; in particular, it teaches the know-how needed for the modern and efficient gathering of information in and for the business sector.

For information on the training courses for a promising future in the investigation profession, please contact the Deutsche Akademie für Ermittlungsdienste either by telephone (+49 (0)511/326621) or email (info@detektiv-ausbildung.eu).

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