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Welcome to DETEK AG – The detective agency for business clients and private investigation

You need evidence?

An employee starts a rival company by using your business contacts? A competitor imitates your product? Debtors suddenly disappear? You would like to know the security status of your company? You suspect your stolen car abroad? You were falsely accused in court? A family member has gone missing?

We can help you!

DETEK is available for business investigations, private matters or security questions - discreet, determined, professional.

Looking back on over 100 years of experience, we not only know every trick, but have been able to establish ourselves in many areas. With nine operations centres across Germany and three branch offices in London, Marbella and Zurich, we guarantee short distances and quick contact. Every day more than 100 employees work on the cases entrusted to DETEK – supported by the latest technology.

If you want to tell us about your case,

you are welcome to contact DETEK via phone or e-mail. During our first contact we would like to discuss the best approach for your circumstances with you as well as give you an overview of the costs.

Business investigations

We have more than 100 years of experience with various situations and cases - from billing and insurance fraud, to phoney claims of work disability or violations of competition law. Find out about our principles here.

How much is a detective?

DETEK always charges according to the expenditure of time. But under special circumstances we do offer fixed or performance-based fees. Learn more about our cost structure or contact us for a quote tailored to your case.

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